• To raise a spiritually vibrant church through well articulated programmes
• To raise mature disciples of Christ who will exercise their gifts both in the church and mission fields


We exist to proclaim the gospel of Christ to inhabitants of the City of Onitsha from all works of life; sharing God’s love with them; helping them to continue their lives to Jesus Christ and discipling them to maturity.


• To fashion vibrant outreach programmes to facilitate the great commission
• To raise a vibrant Church through a vibrant pulpit and prayer ministry
• To grow spiritually mature Disciples of Christ through prayers, counseling seminars, conferences, Bible studies and other Bible based programmes.
• To raise a caring and sharing congregation through teaching on giving and actual help initiatives like scholarships, grants and care for widows
• To tackle emotional problems through a growing counseling ministry.


• The Cathedral is indeed a place of worship.
• A home of Music and praises.
• A place where the word of God is supreme.
• A place where God answers prayers.
Join us to worship in the great Cathedral always.