Wed. 17th – 20th Sat.              Women’s wave of Prayer


20th Sat                                    Diocesan Clergy Wives/Cath./Church Teacher’s

Wives/Diocesan Women’s Executive Retreat @

Basilica of St. Andrew Onitsha. 9:00am


25th Thursday                         Women’s Fasting and Prayer for year 2018 and

submission of itinerary/Handover note/Budget @

Sharon House. 2pm


27th Sat                                    Executive Retreat at Retreat Centre. 10:00am @

Children’s Church (Compulsory for all the



Mon. 29th – Tue. 30th              Cathedral Women General Retreat/opening


Wed. 31st – Thur. 1st               Province of the Niger Council




Mon. 5th                                   Women’s Fellowship 5pm @ Lady’s Chapel


Wed. 8th                                   Meeting with Mothering Sunday/Conference

Planning Committee. 5pm


Mon. 12th – Sun.18th               Women’s Guild week (Wear Women’s Gild Uniform

for every Programme


Tue. 13th                                                         Diocesan Management Meeting 2:30pm


Tue. 13th – Thur. 15th             Bible Quiz/Rules of the Women’s Guild


Wed. 14th                                 Ash Wednesday/Meeting with Conference Planning

Committee. 5pm


Fri. 16th – Sat. 17th                  Cathedral Women’s Prayer Summit @ All Saints’

Cathedral Onitsha. 10:00am


Sun. 18th                                  Valentine Youth Programme c/o Action and



Mon. 19th                                 Women’s Fellowship @ Lady Chapel 5pm


Tue.  20th                                 Cathedral Women Executive Meeting. 5pm


Fri. 23rd                                    Diocesan Women’s Prayer Summit @ All Saints’

Cathedral Onitsha 7pm


Sun. 25th                                                        Meeting with Mothering Sunday Planners after 7am



Mon. 26th                                                       Groups Meeting. 5pm


Tue. 27th                                  Women’s General Meeting. 5pm


MARCH 2018


Fri. 2nd                                      Women’s World Day of Prayer at Church level.


Mon. 5th                                   Women’s Fellowship 5:00pm


Tue. 6th                                    Diocesan Management Meeting 2:30pm


Mon. 5th –Sun. 11th                  Mothering Sunday Week


Mon. 12th                                 Women’s Fellowship at Lady Chapel.


Tue. 13th                                  Young Wives Fellowship. 5pm


Sat. 17th                                   Clergy Wives Association Meeting at St. Mary’s

Church Obosi.


Sun. 25th                                  Palm Sunday


Mon. 30th                                 Good Friday

APRIL 2018


Sun. 1st                                    Easter Sunday


Fri. 6th – Sun. 8th                     Rural Archdeaconry Conference


Mon. 9th                                   Women’s Fellowship/Annunciation of the Blessed

Virgin Mary on Parish level


Tue. 10th                                  Young wives Fellowship. 5pm

Conference Planning Committee Meeting. 5pm


Fri. 13th – Sun 15th                  Urban Archdeaconry Conference


Mon. 16th                                 Women’s Fellowship


Tue. 17th                                  Women Executive Meeting. 5pm


Mon. 23rd                                 Women’s Fellowship @ Lady Chapel


Tue. 24th                                  Women’s General Meeting at Lady Chapel. 5pm

Diocesan Management Meeting. 2:30pm


Thur. 26th – Sun. 29th             Clergy wives Retreat @ Crowther Retreat Centre.



MAY 2018


Thur. 3rd – Sun. 5th                 Catechist/Church Teachers’ Wives Retreat at

Crowther Retreat Centre (Residential) 2:00pm


Sun. 6th                                    Diocesan Homage


Mon. 7th                                   Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 8th                                    Large Exco Meeting. 2pm

Young Wives Fellowship. 5pm


Mon. 14th                                 Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 15th                                  Women’s Executive Meeting. 5pm

Thur. 17th – Sat.                      19th Provincial Girls’ Guild Conference at Diocese of



Mon. 21st                                 Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Fri. 25th – Sat. 26th                  Lady Knights of St. Christopher’s Retreat Groups

Meeting. 5pm


Tue. 29th                                  Women General Meeting at Lady Chapel 5pm.


JUNE 2018


Mon. 4th                                   Women’s Fellowship at Lady Chapel. 5pm


Thur. 7th – Sun.                       10th Diocesan Synod @ St. Paul’s Church Alor.


Mon. 11th                                 Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 12th                                  Young Wives Fellowship. 5pm


Sat. 16th                                   Executive Meeting With Home &Abroad @ St.

Andrew’s church Obosi


Mon. 18th                                                       Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 19th                                  Women Executive Meeting. 5pm


Fri. 22nd                                    Diocesan Women’s Fire Conference at Ascension

Church Isiafor


Mon. 25th                                 Groups Meeting. 5pm


Tue. 26th                                  Women’s General Meeting. 5pm


JULY 2018


Mon. 2nd                                   Women’s fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 3rd                                    Diocesan Management Meeting 2:30pm

Thur. 5th – Sun. 8th                  Diocesan Women’s Conference at All Saints’

Cathedral Onitsha.


Mon. 9th                                   Women’s fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 10th                                  Young Wives Fellowship. 5pm


Mon. 16th                                 Women’s fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 17th                                  Women’s Executive Meeting. 5pm


Mon. 16th – Sun. 21th            Girls’ Guild Week


Sun. 22nd                                 Girls’ Guild Sunday


Mon. 23rd                                 Women’s fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 24th                                  Women’s General Meeting at Lady Chapel. 5pm


Mon. 30th – Sun. 4th                Girls’ Brigade Week




Sun. 5th                                    Girls’ Brigade Sunday


Mon. 6th                                   Women’s Fellowship


Mon. 13th                                 Women’s Fellowship


Mon 20th                                  Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Mon. 27th                                                       Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Fri. 31st – Sun. 2nd                  Diocesan Girls Guild Conference at St. Paul’s

Church Oba




Mon. 3rd                                   Women’s fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 4th                                                            Diocesan Management Meeting. 2:30pm


Fri. 7th – Sun. 9th                     Empowerment For Ember Month c/o

Prayer/Spirituality (Fasting/Prayer)


Mon. 10th                                 Women’s fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 11th                                  Young Wives Fellowship. 5pm


Fri. 14th                                    Diocesan Women’s Prayer Summit at SMAAAC



Mon. 17th                                 Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 18th                                  Women’s Executive Meeting. 5pm


Mon. 24th – Sun. 30th              Mothers Union Week (Wear Mothers’ Union Uniform

for all the programmes)


Tue. 25th                                 Visitation/Help to those whose family has met with



Thur. 27th.                               Organize Seminar for Youth and Children Parish

Conference for all the Churches whose Vicars are

Chairmen of Parish Council. (Archdeacon’s Wives

to Fix other conferences before end of October).


Sun. 30th                                 Mothers’ Union Sunday.




Mon. 1st                                  Solemn Assembly for the Nation and Church

(Observe on Parish level) 4pm

Women’s fellowship. 5pm


Sat. 6th                                    Diocesan Young Wives Convention at All Saints’.

Cathedral Onitsha


Mon. 8th                                  Women’s fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 9th                                   Young Wives Fellowship.5pm


Mon. 15th                                Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 16th                                 Women’s Executive Meeting. 5pm


Thur. 18th                                                     Women’s Day Celebration at All Saints’ Cathedral.



Sat. 20th                                  Clergy Wives Association End of the Year Meeting

at St. Matthias Church Nkpor.


Mon. 22nd                               Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Mon. 29th                                Groups Meeting. 5pm


Tue. 30th                                                       Women’s General Meeting. 5pm




Mon. 5th                                  Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 6th                                                          Diocesan Management Meeting 2:30pm


Mon. 12th                                Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 13th                                 Young Wives Fellowship. 5pm


Mon. 19th                                Women’s Fellowship. 5pm


Tue. 20th                                 Women’s Executive Meeting. 5pm

Large Exco Meeting. 2:30pm


Sat. 24th                                  Cathedral Women’s Day/Love Feast


Mon. 26th                                Groups Meeting. 5pm


Tue. 27th                                 General Women Meeting. 5pm





Mon. 3rd                                  Women’s Fellowship/Love Feast. 5pm


Thur. 6th – Sun.9th                   Fresh Manna Conference


Tue. 11th                                  Women’s Executive Closing. 5pm







President Women’s Ministries

All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha.